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It is our pleasure to introduce ourselves to you, we are an independent firm of Certified Public Accountants and business consultants founded in 1985 and since our establishment we have achieved a rapid and continuous growth in the field of accountancy, finance, Zakat and tax, management and human resource. We are proud to be one of six professional firms chosen to be a member of the first board of Saudi Organization of Certified Public Accountants (SOCPA). We work with clients ranging from large listed corporates and SMEs to government, individuals, their families, and their businesses. As an independent of an international network of highly regarded firms, we can also provide global coverage.

Our goal is to partner with our clients and to be relied upon as a contributing factor to their success. The resources we use include highly educated and well-trained accountants, business consultants, zakat & tax experts as part of our client's management team. Using state of the art technology, we fuse strategy with results in an effort to help our clients succeed and grow. To experience our service first hand, please contact us and we will be happy to explain what we can do for you and our mechanism and style of conducting our services which we believe can help you achieve your objectives with the highest degree of professionalism, objectivity, and efficiency.

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